Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Tea bags: Billions of microplastics released into our mugs

What are the dangers of using tea bags - What research has shown. Even a single sachet releases billions of microparticles, according to new research.

In this study, published in the journal Journal of Environmental Science and Technology, it was found that when we put a plastic sachet in a mug of boiling water (95 degrees Celsius), about 11.6 billion 3 microparticles and 3 microbes are released. , 1 billion nanoplastics particles in the mug.

Worrying figures of Tea Bags

The worry is that these quantities are much higher than the annual estimated amounts of microplastic and nanoplastic particles consumed by a human.
In particular, it is estimated that an average person eats about 50,000 microplastics per year and inhales a corresponding amount.
Researchers from McGill University in Montreal, Canada, studied four different types of tea bags from various cafes in Montreal, opened them, boiled them, and then immersed them in nearly boiling water for five minutes before analyzing them electronically and electronically.
Most tea bags are made from fiber, but many brands still use plastic to seal the bags. Lately, many brands have changed paper bags to plastic and these are exactly the ones being studied.

Pay attention to the indications of Tea Bags

Although according to the World Health Organization (WHO) there is no confirmed evidence that these microplastics are harmful to health, the UN stresses the need for further research.

These Canadian researchers, in fact, examined the potential toxicity of these microplastics released from tea bags by exposing water fleas to contaminated water and found that these particles had an impact on how fleas behaved and developed.
The researchers hypothesize that the reason for the release of this multitude of particles is the contact of the plastic with the boiling water.
Researcher Laura Hernández emphasizes that for those who aspire to reduce the use of plastics, this research is particularly important as it informs them further about the products they buy.
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