Friday, September 6, 2019

Two glasses of soda a day increase the risk of premature death

Drinking two glasses of soda every day, either with sugar or sweetened with sweeteners, could help increase the risk of dying prematurely by up to 26%, according to a recent study.

Scientists had already warned of the dangers of daily soda consumption , as it had been proven that it could increase the risk of breast cancer , triple the chances of dementia and stroke , or even reduce fertility , but now a new published study In the journal JAMA Internal Medicine , he has discovered that drinking two of these drinks every day increases the risk of dying prematurely by up to 26%.

The research was carried out with a sample of 451,743 people of about 50 years on average from 10 European countries (United Kingdom, Spain, Greece, France, Italy, Germany, Norway , Denmark, Sweden and the Netherlands. All of them were done fill in a questionnaire about their habits and lifestyle and, in addition, a blood sample was taken.

The results showed an association between the consumption of soft drinks, whether sugaryor sweetened with artificial sweeteners ('zero' or 'light'), and an increased risk of premature mortality. Specifically, drinking two glasses of these drinks daily - the equivalent of 500 ml - increases the chances of dying early by 17%, compared to people who drink a glass a month at most.

Soda, Sweetened beverages further increase the risk of premature death.

Another finding indicates that, although it seems incredible, the risk that could be caused by the consumption of soft drinks with sugar is less than that caused by these drinks when they are sweetened with sweeteners, 8% versus 26% respectively. The authors, more than 50, have recognized that it is necessary to carry out more research in this regard, as this has some limitations and cannot establish a cause-effect relationship, although Dora Romaguera, co-author of the study, states that the only healthy option is drink water.

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