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How to remove the breeches on the hips? 5 useful exercises

The breeches area is a problem for many women. Even with sudden weight loss, body fat in this area of ​​the body remains almost unchanged. The trainer Angelica Al Ajami (+ gifs) tells about how to eat right and what exercises will help to achieve the cherished goal.

Why the breeches zone is a women's issue

Dissatisfaction with the breeches area is predominantly female. This may be due to a sedentary lifestyle, weak muscle tone of the buttocks and hips, genetics and fatty deposits. Women suffer because they have their own work of sex hormones. For example, a reserve type of subcutaneous fat in the process of life accumulates spontaneously to maintain estrogen. This is the norm.

However, whatever the reason for the appearance of “ears” on the hips, they can be removed only by reducing the fat layer and increasing muscle tone. Therefore, the problem of riding breeches is always solved by nutrition and training. Do not count on a magic pill, a miracle wrap, or other super-effective technique. These methods do not work. 
The first thing you need to do is to establish nutrition . The body begins to expend fat only when it receives less food than it is able to consume, i.e. with a calorie deficit. It is better to eat fractionally - 5-6 times a day in small portions.
The second is to establish regular physical activity . Since you need not just a muscle lift, but also fat burning in the breeches, the lesson should include:
  • cardio exercises for burning calories and accelerating fat burning;
  • exercises for breeches to tone muscles and increase blood circulation around the problem area.
Fitness trainer recommends 5 basic options for physical activity to work out the breeches:

Reversed lunge with abduction of the leg to the side 

When performing the exercise, it is important that the hips “look” forward, the pelvis should not be turned to the side. The knees and toe are also directed forward. We bring the leg back, thereby stretching the gluteal muscle. We also rise with the help of the gluteal muscles, swing our legs to the side and change our legs.

Lunge back with a slope on one leg

When performing this exercise, the sock should not go beyond the foot. In this case, when tilted in the legs, an angle of 90 degrees is maintained. During the lunge, the body is slightly tilted forward, hold the press tightly, tighten the gluteus muscle and rise up. When tilting, also do not forget about the back, it should not be a stoop. The purpose of the exercise is to stretch the gluteal muscle.

Jumping in the Plie

Keep your back straight, when performing the exercise, we lower ourselves to the whole foot (not only on the heel or on the toe). We try to put our legs wide enough so that at the bottom of the trajectory the knees are located almost above the ankle joints. During the jump, we raise our hands in front of us for balance. 

Kick Side Squat 

Legs shoulder width apart, arms along the torso. We carry out a semi-squat, while raising our arms forward and up. Weight on the heels. After we are at the bottom point, slowly and carefully we move our leg to the side, then the other. At the same time, we tilt the case slightly forward. We return to the starting position and repeat.

Leaving the legs to the side 

Sock pulled, aimed at us. Take your foot up and slowly lower it, do not throw it down. The press is strong, the back is even. Something soft can be put under the knee,

In addition to food and exercise, massage will help.

In addition, regular self-massage of the problem area will not hurt. A good complement to your workouts is also a professional body massage.
- They will be useful: active walking (at least 5 kilometers per day), cycling, aerobics classes.
- Therefore, if you want to remove breeches, first of all, you need to reduce the total percentage of fat in the body.
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