Thursday, September 26, 2019

8 Habits That Make You Sleep Better - Sleep Expert Tips

Sleep expert Guy Meadows suggests how to improve sleep. Remember, insomnia is detrimental to a woman's health and appearance.

1. Remove the phone

30-45 minutes before bedtime Turn off the notebook, notebook. The blinking screen wakes the brain.

2. Mode

Try to get to bed at the same time. Even on weekends.

3. Protect sleep hygiene

Turn off the light, cover the window curtain. If there is noise in the street or "neighbor" roars, keep your ears open.

4. Pillow spray

proven that the aroma is soothing to sleep. Enjoy the scent of lavender on the pillow.

5. Refuse stimulants

Alcohol, coffee and tea a few hours before bedtime. It is best to give up after 7 hours.

6. Good mattress

The bed should be comfortable. The mattress is tailored to you - neither too soft nor too rough.

7. Alarm clock

Set 15 minutes before the scheduled time. However, try not to stay in bed too long to get tired.

8. 8 hours?

Some need 10 hours to sleep. For some, six is ​​enough. Choose such a time. Which will rest and fill you with energy.
Lastly, a sleep expert recommends that if you can't sleep 15 minutes after bedtime, get up and do some boring activity.

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