Monday, June 24, 2019

Viral infections during pregnancy associated with mental disorders of the child

Experiments on rats have shown that communication is fair for both sexes of the offspring.

Researchers at the University of Saskatchewan in Canada conducted experiments on rats. They inoculated viral infections to pregnant females and monitored the development of their offspring. The results, showed that the offspring of such rodents had an increased risk of developing mental illness.

The conditions in which pregnant mammals are found influence the development of the fetus and the life of the young after birth. Before that, we already wrote about the work of scientists from the Seattle Children's Research Institute, who demonstrated that even one cigarette per day during pregnancy affects the increased risk of sudden infant death. Canadian researchers tested the effects of viral infections.
The authors suggested that maternal infection and inflammation can affect the development of the fetal brain inside the womb and have mental illness, including schizophrenia. Physiologist John Howland spoke about the importance of the work:
“The staff of my laboratory conducted a series of studies related to the effect of inflammation during pregnancy on the behavior of offspring, using rats for this purpose. Our experiments, as in other laboratories around the world, reveal the long-term effects of the intrauterine effects of inflammation on the young. ”
In the experience involved 43 females. Researchers with the virus “turned on” the maternal immune activation, which is associated with the development of mental disorders, and then, after childbirth and maturing of the young, tested offspring. Tests showed that these rodents had a weakened working memory and altered fear reactions compared with the control group, and also showed more antisocial behavior. This effect extended to both females and males.

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