Friday, June 28, 2019

Scientists have found that with the help of coffee you can fight overweight

It turned out that an invigorating drink helps the body produce brown fat.

Scientists from the University of Nottingham (UK) conducted a study, which resulted in finding out the benefits of coffee while losing weight. Work presented in the journal Nature .

So, it was found that coffee consumption helps the production of brown fat, which in the body of an adult does not contain much, and it is located mainly in the neck.
Its main function is to produce heat by burning calories (as opposed to white fat, which often accumulates as a result of malnutrition). It is believed that people with low body mass (BMI) have more brown fat.
“Brown fat produces heat by burning sugar and fat. Stimulating its activity improves the control of blood sugar levels, increases the level of lipids, and the burning of extra calories helps to get rid of excess weight. Often it becomes a reaction to the cold. However, until now, no one has found an acceptable way to stimulate the production of brown fat in humans, ”explains Professor Michael Symonds, Faculty of Medicine, University of Nottingham.

First, scientists in the laboratory determined the optimal dose of coffee for the body, and then began research with nine young volunteers (four men and five women) with a normal BMI (about 23). The subjects were put in a room, the temperature in which was maintained at 22 degrees (while outside it was about 16 degrees). First, the test participants for 30 minutes got used to the situation in the room, then they were given to drink a drink containing caffeine. Previously, special heat-reflecting skin markers were placed on their bodies. Another 30 minutes, scientists watched in which parts of the body of volunteers the temperature changed.
“From previous works, we knew that brown fat was concentrated in the neck, so we were able to immediately examine this area and see if it was warming up after drinking coffee,” said Symonds.
As a result, it became clear that volunteers who drank coffee increased UCP1 protein expression (thermogenin, which uncouples a protein found in the mitochondria of brown fat adipocytes and is responsible for the production of heat in newborns and hibernating animals) and mitochondrial biogenesis. In addition, the metabolism accelerated.
According to experts, they have yet to find out that of all the components of a coffee drink, it is caffeine that helps stimulate the activation of brown fat. And after additional research it will be possible to consider the use of caffeine in the fight against obesity.

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