Saturday, May 26, 2018

The 10 health benefits of dates

We do not think enough about buying dates, yet they are excellent for health. We have selected 10 benefits of this fruit which you will soon be able to do without.

Dates are found in date palms. In North Africa and the Middle East it is used in many dishes, dry or fresh. In France, they are eaten rather dry. But we should eat more often because these fruits are very rich in vitamins, fiber and antioxidants.

The worst pork meats for the line

The deli platter makes you look sweet? Do you want a slice of toast with rillettes or sausage?
Even if you know that cold cuts have a bad reputation for their caloric intake, that they are unsavory for the line, you can not resist the temptation. Focus on those that may greatly increase your total caloric intake.

Friday, May 25, 2018

What should you eat when it is (very) cold?

Have you noticed that the winter period triggers in us irresistible desires to eat fat? But is it really necessary to eat richer during the winter? What are the real needs of our body to stay healthy while having fun? The point with Brigitte Coudray, nutritionist and dietician.

In winter, should you eat more ... and more fat? 

Brigitte Coudray, nutritionist and dietician is a formal: " No, winter it is useless to feed more than usual, unless you work outside ." Indeed, our lives (mostly urban and sedentary) do not confront us with low temperatures ... Our apartments and other work desks are generally well heated and the moments spent outside are limited .

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Light exercise helps you better deal with cancer treatment

Scientific studies confirm that physical activity is one of the best ways to treat yourself in the treatment of cancer. Hours of work in the gym or marathon run are of course not on the agenda, but regular exercise is definitely good to include in your daily activities.

Artificial insemination has a greater chance of success in the summer

Women who undergo artificial insemination in the summer have a higher chance of becoming pregnant. According to experts on infertility treatment, the success rate of infants with this method is higher in summer than in winter.

Women who undergo artificial insemination in the summer have a higher chance of becoming pregnant. According to experts who have been involved in the treatment of infertility during the seasons, the success rate of infants with this method is higher in summer than in winter. 

Omega-3 fatty acids protect the skin

They are extremely important for human health and their adequate intake is key to the proper functioning of the heart, brain, liver and immune system. Speech is about omega-3 fatty acids. They also affect the health of the skin.
Skin is the largest organ of our body. It forms a barrier that protects the body from fluid loss, temperature fluctuations and surrounding harmful microorganisms. Contains sensory cells that let us know about touch or cold. The skin has a large number of indispensable functions, and care is therefore very important.

Monday, May 7, 2018

How our computer and cell phone (no) spoil our eyes

We probably agree that we look for days on a screen - mobile, computer, tablet. We will not get away with it at work, at home or at school, while waiting for public transport, in a column ... It is a phenomenon and no one knows what it will actually do with our eyes.

What about TV ?? All the waves, the radiation, the artificial light uf ... How much time do we have to spend watching the screens daily to keep our eyes safe? And what about reading in the dark? Are they all rumors, or is it really possible to avoid the "spoiling" of the eyes at present, without moving to the forest and disconnecting electricity? Is there any prevention at all ?

The pollen season starts!

Are you allergic? We have a solution!

Know your allergies

It is unpleasant that the pollen season starts after mild winters earlier and lasts up to ten months a year. If you have allergies, it's always important to find out what you are allergic to - this is the first step to successful treatment. Allergens are good to avoid, but with regard to those pollen, they can not be avoided because we meet them literally at every step.

Even with heresy you can be active. Nothing but exaggeration!

For many years physicians have forbidden physical exercise for people with multiple sclerosis. Some patients have worsened the symptoms of the disease. Saved energy should also supposedly support the management of day-to-day activities. However, these times are irretrievably gone. Physicians are recommending the motion today - but only properly dosed.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Do you believe in Hollywood dieting?

Have you ever heard of a Hollywood diet? Hollywood is synonymous with success, luxury and celebrity, many of whom envy not only money and lifestyle, but also appearance and character. But for these perfect bodies, these people did not come free, but we do not mean the art of world plastic surgeons now.

The Hollywood diet is a trend that has grown quite rapidly among the "ordinary mortals." It is a very strict diet that specializes in the lowest energy intake for a few days.

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Do you suffer from painful mouth corners? You miss vitamins...

The cracked corners of the mouth can be tricky. They are not only very painful but, of course, quite unsightly. Often they can make you a lot of fun while eating and drinking. Someone enjoyed them only during their childhood and is glad to have faded into adulthood. What is their cause and how to get rid of them?

Fish pedicure known as a fish therapy

Fish pedicure known as a fish therapy  "not by the rules" Fish Pedicure with fish is as follows.  Feet are lowered into a fi...